DancePot offer a variety of dance classes starting with students as young as age 3 through adult and we take great pride in providing a positive, fun and stimulating environment enabling our students to learn, to love and to appreciate the art of dance.

Chinese Dance

Add a fun journey to learn about the Chinese culture and history through Chinese Dances originated from the 56 ethnic minority groups of China!

Aerial Class

Get airborne today with our Aerial Classes! We offer Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial Dance and Bungee Fitness

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Kids Dance

It’s never too late to start being a star. Let your little ones shine in our kids dance choreography classes.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style that combines the modern dance elements and the classical ballet elements.

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Belly Dance

Belly dance is one of the great iconic cultural traditions of the Middle East and is perhaps the oldest form of dance with origins that can be traced back to ancient times.

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Kpop Dance

The Korean wave, also known as the hallyu wave, is an undeniably alluring phenomena and we are certainly not going to turn away from it.

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Latin Dance

Known for its sensual hip action and sexy flair, Latin American dance is gaining popularity on dance floors everywhere.

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Street Dance

Hip-Hop dance is a full-body, high energy dance that is suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers, and can benefit people of all ages.

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Zumba Fitness

Our Fitness dance classes are for everyone; you need no dancing or fitness experience, because our lessons are designed for all people, regardless of their age, weight, or physique.

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