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Chinese Dance

Chinese dance has been an integral part of Chinese cultural traditions for thousands of years. This performing arts dance forms involve rhythmic body movements combined with music and costumes. Each region and ethnic group has unique dances and traditions.

Dance is an important part of the Chinese culture and has many different purposes. Some are performed during festivals and rituals, like welcoming the New Year or celebrating the harvest. Dances can also be a form of expression and many have developed among the different regions like the popular Lantern dance, which originated in southern China and involves undulating body movements that emulate a dragon.

Chinese dance movement technique utilizes breathing and imagery to enhance overall body and mind wellness. Like Ballet, the class will include barre work and center exercises that increase body flexibility and coordination while toning muscle and improving posture. Add a fun journey to learn about the Chinese culture and history through folk dances originated from the 56 ethnic minority groups of China! At DancePot, our classes will be conducted in English, with terminology and vocabulary introduced in Mandarin.


The main focus in our beginner class is to help students to acquire the basic concepts of Chinese dance and correctly grasp the basic forms, hand and leg movements, and steps. Students are also exposed to the basic patterns of body movements that produce the unique rhythms and characteristics of Chinese dance.

In this class, we will get to explore some Shen Yun(身韵)basic training together with different dance sequences to cultivate your performance quality. In our beginner class, students will progress to a better understanding of the art form while achieving an elegance poise.


Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: No experience necessary