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Accelerated Ballet Program

Our Accelerated Ballet program is designed for potential and committed students who wish to take ballet training seriously to another level especially for ballet competitions. The objective of this intensive ballet training is to develop strong and expressive dancers with the necessary techniques, artistry and performance skills in a supportive environment. It will focus more on technique strengtening, flexibility, free works, body conditioning and repertoire/variation works.

Students in our Accelerated Ballet program are more likely to be exposed to repertoire/variation coaching for ballet competitions on both regional and international levels, performances and shows which they are trained and prepared for. This pre-professional ballet training prepares young dancers for the rigors of full-time training at any professional dance academy world-wide.

Being in our Accelerated Ballet program is a big commitment for both the dancer and parents. Dancers in this program can expect to train between 8 – 10 hours per week including their graded syllabus ballet classes. Admission to our Accelerated Ballet program is by audition only and is open to dancers ages between 5-12.

Are you ready to be a part of this program? Take this quiz to help you find out!

For the Dancers

  1. Do I like dancing so much? Am I okay with being at the studio for long hours and several days a week?
  2. Uh oh – I have a lot of homework to do and dance practice. How am I going to do both?
  3. My best friend is having her birthday party at the same time as our rehearsal. Do I go to rehearsal or to the birthday party?
  4. Am I responsible enough to help mom/dad remember when I have a competition and to pack everything that I might need?

For the Parents

  1. Am I okay with my child being at the dance studio for long hours and several days a week?
  2. Am I okay if my child does not win the competition? Will I put the blame on my child or the teachers?
  3. Competition is fun, but also a hectic time! Can I be supportive for my child and stay calm amidst all the quick changes, am I able to send them to additional classes, running to reach the class on time, fixing hair?
  4. I understand the financial aspect of competition. Costumes, registration, travelling expenses are all necessary fees.

To register for an audition, kindly fill up the form at Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.