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Salsa Dance

Tap, sway and turn, just bring out whatever move you got and give-in to the rhythm that bridged tradition and modern dance moves – the darling of most Latin America’s sexy sensual moves – Salsa. Eccentrically beautiful, salsa was born in the multicultural lands of Latin America, with the sexiness and sophistication of the beautiful Latin culture. Salsa dancing is an expression of emotion and feelings.

Every movement from each part of the body gives signals and meanings. Hip swings, foot tap, kick and head turns all creates an alluring message to the dancing partners. Its dancing is about social communication through action, in a heart beating rhythmic music. Its sensuality and sophistication entices every one to admire its way of dancing. It creates an undeniable pull in which people just have to dance and get into the beat.

Learn the secret language. Salsa is not only a dance; it’s a means of communication.

Salsa is not only a dance, it is a universal language. We teach you the basic alphabets, the words, the grammar and slowly teach you how to form sentences. Once you have the understanding, you learn to communicate and express yourself through the dance. Salsa itself is a popular social dance, you can be dancing salsa socially with a friend or complete stranger from across the globe, and knowing that you are both so in tune with one another that you have, in fact, become the music. It is true magic!


Also known as the “intro” class, this course is aimed for anyone who think they have two left feet and no experience at all in salsa. We start from the very beginning with all the salsa basics by working on the basic footwork and understanding of the music rhythm and timing without the added pressure of having to ‘do it’ with someone else. We will then gradually introduce the fundamentals of partner dancing, basic lead and following techniques, turns and how to put it all together into basic figures and fun easy flowing variations. Don’t worry, your first attempts at dancing with someone who is likely their absolute first steps in salsa too. Slowly and surely, that is the moto – and it works!


Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: Partners welcome but not necessary and no experience necessary


This level is for those who feel they are ready to move on from the introduction of salsa. This course will explore how you can change the look of the basics you have learned without changing your basic steps. Here we introduce salsa holds, leading and following skills that will be the ground throughout the salsa levels. We think of this beginner level as the foundation to a building – if your foundation is good, you can build as high as you like!


Level: Improver
Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: Requires basic salsa techniques and permission of the instructor