Kpop Dance

The Korean wave, also known as the hallyu wave, is an undeniably alluring phenomena and we are certainly not going to turn away from it. Whether it be the aesthetic appeal, catchy beats, talent, fashion style or slick dance move, it seems to have fans both in Korea and beyond wrapped around their finger.


K-POP or Korean pop refers not only to the types of music but to a musical movement that swept the entire world and continues to dominate. Three distinctive parts of K-POP remains imprinted in everyone’s mind – the tune, chorus and signature dance move. Whether it is the hard hitting popping or the sensual swaying of hips, the meticulous choreography of K-POP has given an extra dimension to it’s unique character and infectious charm.

You have seen the moves in the music videos; now get your groove on in our Kpop dance class! Learn the dance routines of your favourite Korean artistes such as BTS, EXO, Girls’ Generation, 4MINUTE, AOA, BLACKPINK, KARA and many more! Come experience the full charm and appeal of Kpop first-hand at DancePot.


Our Kpop dance class is for the absolute beginners or any KPOP enthusiasts! You may choose to join either Boy or Girl Kpop Dance Cover class. Girl group dances tend to be energetic, flirty and sassy whereas Boy group dances tend to be more hard-hitting and powerful.

Flaunt your moves and show off your style as we take you through our fun intuitive classes. Starting with warm up and followed by a short choreography to various hot and latest K-POP dances by your favourite artistes. Students will learn basic techniques and choreography as each section of the dance is broken down and performed slowly with a beat count. In this class, we will teach you the basic techniques at a comfortable pace where you can slowly train your body before attempting more vigorous dance steps.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: No experience necessary